The artistry of combining dance with boxing

About the episode:

In this episode of the Thrivalist Manifesto, Ben V and DrG stay consistent with our series powerful woman.  We interviewed the person who put together a career that by combining the skills to be a classically trained ballerina, Knicks city dancer and world champion professional boxer.  

Miyoko Olszewski is a remarkable athlete whose story is a remarkable tale of constantly adapting and course correcting toward a career that is passion driven, successful and joyful.  Miyoko is a pioneer in female combat athletics. MMA, Boxing and Olympic Wrestling are 3 sports that have seen a surge in participation and commercial viability. Miyoko tells a tale of what it took to get here.

Here are some of the highlights from our interview.

  • What do you do with a kid who probably has ADHD.
  • Getting out of your town and making it to the big city.
  • After performing at the Met, what’s next ?  Hip Hop of course.
  • Knicks City Dancer during the golden age of basketball at Madison Square Garden.
  • After a career in dancing is over, the next logical step? Combat sports, what else.
  • First time in official kick boxing match against the top ranked fighter out of  New England. “I kicked her in the abdomen so hard, I felt her spine against my foot”
  • Amateur titles.  3 NYC golden gloves, 3 national golden gloves, 3 National Boxing Championships.
  • The real toll corruption and cheating has had on modern boxing.
  • The failed attempt to promote female boxing with sex appeal.
  • Going pro at 38 years old, when most people are retiring and unable to continue.
  • Boxing skill and technique is what it takes to have longevity and to protect your brain.
  • Training techniques to for speed and endurance.
  • Using classical dance principles in her boxing routine.
  • The artistry of boxing vs. the brutality of MMA.

This episode is packed full of valuable actionable information.  Enjoy!

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