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In this episode of the Thrivalist Manifesto, Ben V and DrG interview cofounder of Posturepro, postural analysis system, Annette Verpillot.  Straight from Quebec, Canada Anette brings her deep background in the science of posturology. An alumni of the TED talk experience, Annette ties in cognition, learning, focus, injury risk, performance, eye movements, and more to your posture.

Annette is another woman in our series who is an intellectual and physical powerhouse.  

Here are some of the highlights from our interview.

  • What is postural re-calibration
  • How does posture relate to high performance
  • What are the underlying mechanisms that control posture
  • How can you change your posture.
  • Did you know how important your eyes are to maintaining posture.  
  • Is there a connection between posture and learning difficulties and if so what does that mean to all the kids walking around with their heads over their phones.  
  • Are sports injuries changing because of postural changes seen with modern technology.  

This episode is packed full of valuable actionable information.  Enjoy!

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