About the episode:

In this episode of the Thrivalist Manifesto, Ben V and DrG interview diet expert, American fitness model, fitness trainer and  television personality who replaced Jillian Michaels on the hit show The Biggest Loser.

Jennifer Widerstrom is also the Author of the book, Diet Right for Your Personality Type.   Fitness director for Shape magazine. Former American Gladiator, Phoenix. Instagram fitness phenomenon.

Jennifer is an infectious powerhouse personality.  You can’t help but feel her energy through her voice.  She’s a millennial who not only is in tune with her own generation, she has the ability to understand the struggles, needs and desires of those who came before and after.

In this episode:

  • Why the biggest loser is such a successful show.  The importance of community.
  • The psychology of motivation.
  • The importance of support and accountability when trying to achieve goals.
  • What Tough Mudder, Spartan and CrossFit got right.
  • The human condition; Obesity is merely one symptom of the human condition.
  • Jen discusses the isolation/connection paradox.
  • Why gymnastics for children can benefit the development of all athletes in nearly every sport.
  • The term “Physical Literacy”
  • You get an appreciation for the mindset that makes a great coach
  • You will understand how important it is to recognize your gifts and strengths and leverage that into success, rather than forcing an outcome that was not meant to be.
  • You will hear what high energy sounds like and feel how infectious it can be.

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