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In this episode of the Thrivalist Manifesto, Ben V and DrG interview world record setter Lorna Kleidman.  Lorna’s greatest accomplishments are certainly not her multiple gold medal awards in her sport, her world record title, set when she was in her mid 40’s.  Lorna’s greatest accomplishment was throwing off the shackles of a perception by others and of herself being a sickly person who spent decades unable to participate in any physical activity whatsoever due to severe, activity induced asthma.  

Our series on women really highlights the “Hero” that exists in all of us.  The ability to do the seemingly impossible is often done by those around us who are just like us with one exception, they tap into an ancient physiology that we all have.  How do they do that?

Lorna Kleidman tells us of her journey or odyssey so to speak.  In this episode you will understand

  • limitations are self imposed.
  • Age is less of a barrier than others would have you believe.
  • Learning from past experiences and improving outcomes
  • Learn the storied history of the kettlebell workout.  There is nothing new under the sun.
  • Is there competition after joint replacement surgery.

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