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In the world of natural healthcare and the “alternative” healing arts, there is a great deal of effort made by the practitioner in order to have someone make all the necessary changes in their life that would “move the needle” so to speak, on their health in a meaningful way.  Whether we are talking about their objective medical tests as well as their subjective experience. People seeking healthcare, desire to turn their life around and actually feel like they have restored their health.

The practitioner has to get involved in one way or another with diet, supplements, posture, exercise, manual therapies, sleep hygiene, relationships, work environments, etc.  All of this requires a professional who is either naturally intuitive and in tune with their clients needs or they had to have had a health crisis of their own in which they used natural means to restore their health.

In the case of this weeks interview, our guest has both of these qualities, of being both naturally intuitive as well as having her own challenges to overcome.  Danielle Pashko is generous enough to go into detail about her personal journey as someone who had lost her mother to cancer while she was still a child and her mother was in her 30’s.  Danielle had learned about alternative healing from those years with her mother who was researching lifestyle change to heal herself. This experience stuck with her and she had followed at different times in her life what she thought were best practices based on her education and the science of the day.  

The true mark of a skilled healer is one who can adapt and change based on their clients or patients needs. While Danielle thought she was doing everything right, you an imagine the shock she experienced when she herself was diagnosed with cancer in her 30’s.  This interview not only tells the remarkable personal story of someone who had been blessed with gifts and cursed with serious challenges.

At 5’11” Danielle has the looks and stature of a fit super model, actually she is one, but this was not always the case.  Instead of trying one way and it not working, Danielle discovered there are many ways to achieve your goals. She’s the author of 2 books and has practiced in 2 of NYC’s most famous clinics providing 1 on 1 care to very high profile clientele.  

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