About the episode:

In addition to the many accomplishments Noel Thompson has in wrestling, business, leadership, family and life, Noel Thompson in my opinion is a storyteller of the highest order. He will suck you into the passion he has for the stories he shares with us. He will guide you to understanding the far reaching implications these stories have, beyond the obvious subject matter.

To paraphrase author and business leader, Donald Miller, “the human brain effortlessly follows the pattern of story, rather than burning calories trying to make sense of data”. There is no better way to learn.

I have met very few people in my life with the combination of confidence, intelligence and passion that Noel Thompson has for life, family, education, sport & business.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Noels thoughts about losing and how losing is a ‘choice’ you make.
  • How a young boy immigrated to the USA from Jamaica under the very real threat of violence and the need to break up a loving family, all precipitated by the dynamics of cold war in the 1980’s between the former Soviet Union and the United States.
  • How an underprivileged high school athlete identifies and solves the problem of paying for a university education by winning a state wrestling title and why it became necessary to post pictures on his bedroom wall of upcoming opponents rather than posters of celebrities.
  • Learn why wrestling is so different from other sports that Noel had excelled at while in high school like football, track and field.
  • At the highest levels, wrestling is not about strength, speed and agility. Being a great wrestler is more like being a great chess player.
  • The role of wrestling in politics, war and diplomacy from modern day negotiations with Iran and Russia going all the way back through world history for 3000.
  • The amazing true story of how wrestling was removed from the Olympic games in 2013 and the herculean effort led by Noel Thompson and others to bring it back repackaged, remarketed and better than ever with the added role of women in the sport.

The bullet point list of accomplishments below is impressive, and outlines his many roles in life from athlete, international businessman, UN ambassador for the sport of wrestling, coach, International Olympic Comittee (IOC) member, father and philanthropist. But the best way to begin to know who Noel Thompson is would be to listen to this podcast.

  • Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Thompson Global LLC
  • Trustee of Beat the Streets Wrestling, Inc
  • He operates Thompson Global Sports which provides advisory, financing and consulting services to investors and companies in the sports industry
  • Founder of Thompson Global Special Situations which participates as adviser, lender and principle in commodity, energy, infrastructure projects globally.
  • Mr. Thompson serves on the Board of Directors for the World Anti-Doping Agency Charitable Foundation
  • Mr. Thompson also serves on the Board of Trustees for The United States Olympic and Para Olympic Foundation,
  • Executive Board member of the Board of Governors for the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and on the Board Directors of Hofstra University Athletics and the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
  • Mr. Thompson also sits on The Board of Directors for Beat The Streets NY, which develops the full athletic potential for inner city kids in NYC using wrestling as a vehicle.
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