Dr Steven Geanopulos (Dr. G) and Ben Velazquez (Ben V) are in private practice in NYC.  Ben V. is a South Bronx native with over 25 years experience working as a strength and conditioning coach to some of the best athletes in the world. Dr.G is born and raised in Queens NY with advanced degrees in neurology and expertise in functional medicine.  Both Dr.G and Ben V. have expertise in providing strategies and solutions for post concussion care and concussion prevention.  They provide exercise solutions, biomechanical solutions, biochemical and immunological solutions.   

This episode talks about medicine in today’s age, putting into perspective what can be expected from your medical and alternative health care providers; Ben V. and Dr.G introduce their audience to The Thrivalist Manifesto, its principles and ideas.  

“Can ordinary people achieve extraordinary results”-Thrivalist Manifesto  


Episode Summary:  

 0:51- Dr. G introduction 

2:14- What is functional medicine and what this unique practice can mean to your health and performance? 

5:58- Ben V talks about his journey into the profession he now loves, working with the best and the brightest 

19:40- Value of warming up before exercising 

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