Have you ever wondered how people of high achievement, your favorite athletes, entertainers, business leaders, academics and authors tackle the day ahead in order to reach their accomplishments.  How do they workout, keep their bodies fit, maintain a healthy lifestyle, spend time with their families, spend time with themselves, volunteer and all so effortlessly? Ever wonder how do they not just survive, but instead, how do they THRIVE?

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We bring to you a podcast with a series of episodes that include interviews with people who are actively thriving, discussions about their methods, products, gear, rituals, and more.  We can touch lightly on a subject or we can take a deep dive into the science, philosophy, technology and effectiveness of methods shared by our many accomplished guests.  interviewing those who try to reach their maximum potential and thrive in their lives.

We ask the questions no one cares to ask, but everyone wants to know.

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