Ben VelazquezBen Velazquez brings over 2 decades of experience working with the most elite athletes in the world.  Athletes and agents seek Ben for his expertise in 2 areas; first, Ben occupies the delicate space between post injury or post surgical physical therapy and the return to optimal physical and mental performance.  Second, Ben’s skill set applies to and is as important to injury prevention as it is to post injury performance.

Ben looks at human performance from a whole system perspective.  This is why he is one of the most sought after post concussion and pre-concussion rehab and fitness experts.  He has combined his education in brain based nervous system function and his education engineering to bring an entirely unique approach to his clients.

As a competitive athlete, Ben Velazquez realizes the value and potential that comes with a scientific sports program. As a strength coach and therapist, he has a goal to bridge the gap between cutting edge science and today’s athlete.

Ben’s professional experience includes Founding Partner and Director of Human Performance of Sports Lab NYC LLC and President of Grey Matters Sports Group ( A think tank whose mission is to collaborate on concussion rehabilitation. )

He designs corrective rehabilitative programs and treats his New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Toronto based clientele, which ranges from elite athletes to high profile celebrities.

For over 15 years Ben has worked one on one as a protege and clinical assistant to Dr. Guy Voyer, a French orthopedist famed for the development of E.L.D.O.A. method.  No one in the U.S. has worked closer to or longer with Dr. Voyer as Ben Velazquez.  Ben brings a unique application of the ELDOA method for high performance athletes and brain rehabilitation, not see anywhere else.

Ben Velazquez, an award-winning, nationally recognized, sought after Strength and conditioning coach, and performance rehabilitative specialist to professional athletes and corporate executives. Ben has consistently demonstrated his ability in assisting clients to improve peak performance and to achieve desired results applying strong assessments and analytical, motivational, and interpersonal skills. He possesses a sixth intuitive sense to evaluate individual ability, and then determine suitable corrective action for overall improvement. He has delivered over 200 seminars to over 1,000 sports professionals and doctors. Ben is regarded as “a diplomatic no-nonsense, get-it-done-now and get-it-done-right” professional when dealing with people and projects. He is recognized for his work ethic, motivation, and a commitment to sports excellence.

Along with his team at Grey Matters Sports Group, he has successfully worked with athletes from five different sports that were recovering from multiple concussions.

He and his team have pioneered a five-tier method of rehabilitating the athlete that has suffered from concussive trauma.

Benjamin Velazquez

Ben’s client roster includes:

– 22 N.H.L. Athletes,

18 current M.L.B. Players

5 Division 1 NCAA Soccer Players

12 Current N.F.L. Athletes.

The Women’s 2006 Track Team at University of Texas.

Ben has also worked with the Saskatoon Blades Hockey Team 1999-2000

2003 national champion New York Freedom Soccer Team

2 current World Champion Boxers

5 Athletes at The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.